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Dear Prospective Student,


It is my pleasure to invite you to the University of Haifa and the graduate program in Diplomacy Studies. This is a unique endeavor designed to provide students with new insights, concepts and analytical tools to better understand the art of diplomacy in both the global setting and highly dynamic context of the Middle East. Our faculty, among whom are former diplomats, are dedicated to imparting new approaches and perspectives for coping with the global and regional environments in the framework of a program that includes simulation games and other forms of interactive classes. Studies take place at the University of Haifa on beautiful Mount Carmel. This is bound to be a gratifying and rewarding experience for everyone, and I invite you to join the journey.

Professor Abraham Ben-Zvi
Director, Diplomacy Studies
Division of International Relations,
School of Political Science


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Haifa is Israel's third largest city. Distinguishing features of Haifa are the physical beauty of the city and the coexistence of its ethnically diverse communities that live and work together. The Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities of Haifa, along with the neighboring Druze villages of Isfiya and Daliat el-Carmel, are important components of the city's social and cultural development,  which have contributed greatly to the city's cultural life, creating a modern Mediterranean city that is truly special.


The Diplomacy Studies program is intended to provide its students with:

✓ up-to-date diplomatic methods
✓ new bargaining techniques
✓ new historical data
✓ new comparative perspectives
✓ new communication theories
✓ new insights on simulation theories and practice

With special emphasis on the actual dynamics of diplomatic processes as they unfold in the contemporary Middle East.

student life

The University of Haifa International School offers a range of co-curricular activities that will enhance your experience at the university and in Israel. An experienced staff of student activity coordinators prepares an extensive itinerary of trips and tours, guest lectures and cultural events, which offer students an enlightening view of Israel, its people, natural beauty and cultural sites.

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